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The Mosaic Academy, grades TK-8, is a three-day classroom, homeschool-hybrid model, for students and parents who would like a highly-supported homeschool with classroom support.

Students enrolled in the Mosaic Academy program will receive three days of resource center, classroom-based instruction combined with two fully supported home-study days. Art, music, and STEAM explorations, as well as field trips and community events, are at the heart of the program.

The Mosaic Academy puts the individual student at the center. The teacher is the student’s personal coach, guiding him or her in the learning process and in the effort to reach his or her goals. Resources in the form of time, facilities, curriculum and learning material – are organized to support that process. The academy uses a cross-grade-level thematic curriculum with an emphasis on personalized I CAN! Mastery and student discovery. We will provide each student with a weekly personalized learning plan with some scheduled instruction, and time for a student to work independently through a variety of learning tools, based on the student’s individual goals and strategies. Teachers and parents collaborate to provide personalized learning, rigorous expectations, and challenge all students to achieve their personal best while fostering the excitement and real-life application in learning.

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