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Each classroom teacher brings their own talents and strengths to the classroom in order to carry out the mission of our school. The core values are threaded throughout all classroom instruction. State-adopted curriculum is used during language arts, math, and science. Social studies is taught following the state standards using a variety of curriculum including high-quality purchased materials, teacher-created materials, and resources from the community. Teachers use the state-adopted curriculum as a foundation for teaching and then add their own personalized touches to meet the needs of their particular students.

Within each classroom, teachers use ability-based grouping to provide an opportunity for students to excel at their own level. It is also common for teachers to incorporate cross-ability tutoring and group work to enable the students involved to strengthen their understanding of a concept by teaching or learning from a peer. Collaboration and group work is an essential part of all classrooms.

While each classroom has its own unique environment, teachers work closely to unify our approach across the grades. We are continually coordinating efforts to ensure a smooth transition from one grade level to the next. Weekly staff meetings and a small teaching staff enable shared leadership for this task. Parent feedback and involvement in the educational program are always welcomed and encouraged.

Charter School Academics in Vista, CA

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