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Our mission at Palm Academy is to foster in our students the passion and curiosity necessary for lifelong learning. We strive to create a safe and healthy environment that will nurture, motivate and challenge all of our students. Students will develop the ability to think critically, communicate effectively and excel academically. Through an integrated, personalized learning program, our students will become contributing participants in their education, their community, and the diverse society in which we live.


Our vision is to create a child-centered learning environment that involves families, educators, and the community in nurturing the whole child. The school will provide meaningful experiences which support children in being active learners who care for their environment, value their diverse community, and who think and work both independently and collaboratively.

 Personalized Learning

How do we personalize learning for each student?

  • Individualized Learning—children are assessed formally and informally to gauge readiness for concepts.
  • Small-Group Lessons—children receive direct instruction in small groups based on readiness for subject matter.
  • Students are given the opportunity to choose among a variety of ways in which to demonstrate understanding as well as to pursue their own interests.
  • Students are given the opportunity to engage in their interests and create projects to demonstrate their understanding. Students learn a variety of techniques in order to understand, analyze and synthesize new knowledge.

Why personalize learning

  • Students who are engaged in their learning will love learning for life!
  • Personalized learning assures that learning is tailored the student’s instructional level.
  • Personalized learning allows for students to study topics of interest.

Goal Setting

Students are encouraged to work with the teacher to design their work and to discuss their progress. With the help of their teacher, students create a weekly work plan which contains work based upon mutually-agreed upon goals for the student to achieve mastery of grade-level material and beyond.

A Day at Palm Academy

A Day at Palm Academy is impactful!  All students are greeted with a morning smile telling them that they are special and we are happy they are here.  Palm Academy students begin their day by gathering together, as a school, in the morning for the flag salute and announcements, providing a sense of community for our students. The school invests in quality Assistant Classroom Educators (ACEs) and campus staff who, along with the teachers, invest in the lives of each student. Students learn in many ways from one classroom to the next, they can be found reading and discussing in groups on the carpet, working on projects as a team, and maneuvering through a challenging online math program. Lunch and time outside are purposeful, maintaining a school culture of respect and safety. On our early release day, all students have the opportunity to explore their gifts and talents with our enrichment classes.

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