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Magnolia Academy (K-8)

Magnolia K-8 Academy offers students a comprehensive and student-centered curriculum in a supportive and nurturing environment. With differentiated instruction, hands-on learning activities, and moderate class sizes, Magnolia Academy is able to meet each individual student’s needs. By utilizing multi-faceted approaches, real-world examples, concrete applications and experiences, we emphasize strong critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Our Personalized Learning model offers flexibility, inclusion, collaboration and innovation. Magnolia Academy recognizes the value of parent involvement and participation in their students’ education and learning process. We require and support a collaborative relationship between parent, student, teacher, and school in creating an optimal learning process. Magnolia Academy provides students with a variety of learning choices and opportunities, both within and beyond the classroom, to address each student’s individual learning needs and optimize each student’s learning potential.

As a public charter school, Magnolia Academy is free to attend for all students.

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