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in Hemet (K-12th)

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105 N. Girard Street
hemet, ca

(951) 225-7160

k-8 schedule High school schedule

Click above for the Learning Center schedules, and here for course descriptions.

Learning Centers provide enrichment workshops for Homeschool, Journey High School, Montessori Voyage, and Venture. The schedules vary by location and student interests and needs. The Learning Center helps families connect with other independent learning students to create a strong support system. Families enjoy the non-traditional choice of independent study while benefiting from time-honored school activities. Many of our locations participate in activities such as school pictures, yearbooks, open houses, and the opportunity to perform or compete as a group. Through events, outreach, activities, and guest speakers, learning center students use the community as the classroom throughout the year.

One or two days per week, workshops that are offered include favorites such as Hands-on Science, Math, and Art, as well as new choices each year. Many of our TK-8 locations have performance classes, such as Musical Theater, and classes involving the community such as FIRST Lego League. We often hear that the lives of our students are changed because of the friendships they have made here and the academic support they’ve received. Adding from Schedules

The Learning Center schedule is full of classes that offer hands-on, engaging activities that make learning fun! Students can choose classes that cater to their passion and interest and/or choose classes that meet specific academic goals.

*Venture and Montessori Voyage students are limited to one block per week.


How do we personalize learning for each student?
  • Building Relationships: We get to know students, parents, and Education Specialists to tailor learning experiences.
  • Class Options: Classes cater to student interests with parent involvement in the selection process.
  • Goal Setting: Teachers set individual goals and provide multiple paths to achieve them.
  • Small Class Sizes: Smaller classes and a team-oriented approach ensure personalized attention and success.
  • Learning Styles: Customized lessons focus on verbal, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles.
  • Supplemental Activities: Extension activities at home supplement the homeschooling curriculum.
  • Tailored Math Centers: ICAN Math class offers personalized math activities and support for various learning needs.
  • Student Engagement: Personalized learning increases engagement, cooperation, and academic passion.
  • Leadership Development: It promotes a collaborative environment, fostering leadership and teamwork.

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105 N. Girard Street
Hemet, CA 92544
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(951) 225-7160



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By allowing us to choose curriculum and not limiting us to “standard””” choices

- Carlee R., Parent
we can tailor our homeschool to our children's learning style."
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