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We encourage all students to take charge of their own learning, develop a growth mindset, celebrate their learning successes, and become REACH Global Citizens. Our Cherry Valley Student Center provides personalized learning opportunities in small group instruction, one-on-one and whole group.

Goal Setting

We empower our learners! Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) meetings are held 3 times each year and include the teacher, ACE, parent (s)/ guardian, and student. These PLP meetings maximize student engagement and close achievement gaps with student-centered learning. Cherry Valley avoids the One-Size-Fits-All model. We do not expect that the same lesson fits all students at the same time. Personalized learning plan meetings put our students/families in the driver’s seat by actively integrating our students’ needs, strengths, and interests into their learning.

Leveled Learning

All grades 1-8 students will participate in WIN TIME leveled math and reading classes at the end of each day (T-W-Th). Students are intentionally placed according to their fall diagnostics and the lessons are intentionally constructed for student level of learning.


TK-8th grades use Reveal Math which deepens student understanding and promotes a growth mindset while encouraging real-world applications. In addition, all K-8th grade students use a concept-based, award-winning online program called STMath; as well as, IXL to develop spatial reasoning and conceptual understanding of mathematics.


The Daily 5 is a series of literacy tasks (read to self, read to someone, listen to reading, writing, and word work) that students complete each day while the teacher engages in small group instruction. This framework helps students develop their daily habits of reading, writing, and working with peers. The goal is to foster these good habits and develop lifelong independent literacy skills. We also use a structured writing development program, Step Up to Writing, Lexia, and Reading A-Z.


TK-5th classes use Generation Genius. This hands-on curriculum brings California science standards to life through fun and educational videos that allow students to engage in the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices. The educational videos showcase a diverse cast of characters conducting scientific investigations followed by opportunities for students to engage in their own studies.

Our 6th-8th classes use SAVVAS elevateScience. This curriculum is designed with the module concept (earth science/6th grade, life science/7th grade, physical science/8th grade) and is aligned with the NGSS Middle School Grade Performance Expectations. This inquiry-based interactive science education provides students with an interactive, hands-on journey that harnesses student curiosity and excitement about the world around them.


Studies Weekly curriculum is used in all K-8 classes. This is a California standards-aligned comprehensive Social Studies curriculum that is organized thematically (civics, government, geography, economics, and history). It is presented in a periodical format; is student-friendly, and is interactive and engaging; bringing learning to life for every child.


Every TK-8 grade classroom has an ACE (Assistant Classroom Educator) who, under the direction of the classroom teacher, guides small groups or one-on-one to meet the varying needs of our students.


TK-8 students have weekly guided art/physical activity instruction led and supervised by our Play Coordinator ACE. Students have the opportunity to participate in outdoor organized sports or take part in Makerspace activities (STEM challenges, exploring, creating new things, or devising plans to improve things that already exist). The goal for students during their time with our Play Coordinator ACE is to acquire the skills needed to work together (with fellow students) to learn, collaborate, and grow.

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