How To Choose a Program

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How To Choose a Program

So you’ve decided to choose a personalized option for your child. Wonderful! You’ve cleared the first hurdle. Now it’s time to decide which Springs Schools program to pick. Choosing the right fit can be the best way to connect your student to his true potential, so it’s important to give thought to the following factors before making this decision.

Identify your child’s needs

Sit down with a piece of paper and write all the words that describe him- his temperament, his hobbies and interests, his strengths. Does your child like active, social learning or does he do better with calm quiet? Is he interested in the arts? Does he like project-based activities or does she prefer paper-and-pencil assignments? Which SCS programs would play to your child’s strengths and/or allow him to follow his dreams?

Identify your family’s needs

Be honest. How much time do you have to give to your child’s education? If you plan to homeschool, will someone be available every school day for several hours to not only supervise the work but actually teach the material? If you choose one of our hybrid programs, are you willing and able to work with your child on the home study days to complete the assigned work? Are you only choosing the program because it’s offered on the right days, or do you truly embrace the philosophy of the program?

Read the website descriptions

Each program has a detailed description of how learning occurs at the site. Read all the links for each program possibility. Read these with your child if appropriate.

Visit the program

Tour the facility. Talk to the Principal. Peruse the textbooks and materials. Pick up the “vibe” of the program. If you’re considering homeschooling, speak with one of our homeschool directors, or ask to be put into contact with an existing homeschool family to discuss the pros and cons.

Talk to our Enrollment Counselors

Call our Enrollment Counselors at 951-252-8888. Our counselors represent all programs within Springs Charter Schools and can help provide an objective viewpoint to help you.



I participate in all school events including book fair, internship at California Veterinary Specialist, leadership, and lifting the school spirit. This is important to me because I want our school to have a giant amount of school spirit with everything we do.

- Paige M., Student
High School
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