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Clubs & Events

At the Temecula Student Center we offer several clubs for our students. We understand that students that are involved in an extra-curricular community feel empowered and are academically successful. For our Elementary students, we offer a Drama Club at certain points in the school year. We also offer our fifth grade students a chance to participate in our Leadership Team. The DaVinci Elementary students and families enjoy our special events throughout the year such as: Specialty dances, Pride Day, Peace Day, monthly field trips, Family Fun Day, Friday Flag & much more!

The DaVinci Middle School Academy has many choices for clubs and teams. DaVinci Middle School offers a Peace Possee, Student Leadership, Dance Teams, Soccer Team, Volleyball Team, and Yearbook Committees. There are a wide variety of events the students are able to participate in such as: Winter Formal, Pride Period, Peace Day, Field Trips, Family Fun Day, Relay for Life, Eagle Pride, Awards Ceremony, and Student of the Month Breakfast.

The Temecula Student Center PTSA also provides our parents and students many special events as well as fundraisers.


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