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Arts Integration is a way of life at Otay Ranch Academy for the Arts. It is not an activity that is reserved for art classes or something that a teacher may do once a week or once a month. It is a dedication to a philosophy of teaching that relies on providing students with concrete experiences to connect their understanding.  Elective options change every eight weeks.

Chorus/Vocal Music

Students will be challenged to expand their scope and learn several different music types. They will be encouraged to explore the classical and contemporary approaches, focusing on vocal development and maturity, music theory, history and literature, and music performances at events.

Fine Arts and Physical Movement

Students at Otay Ranch Academy for the Arts will be exposed to a wide variety of arts activities through purposeful integration of art in all academic areas, through guest presentations from practicing artists, and with educational excursions to arts activities throughout San Diego metro area. Otay Ranch Academy for the Arts is actively developing working relationships with several different organizations to provide world-class art experiences for our students.


Drama classes will be based on the California State Standards. These classes will foster critical and creative thinking, teach life skills and conflict resolution, and encourage students to write dramatic material based on their level and experiences. In addition to the social skills, students will discover and develop acting skills. Students in grades K-8 will explore drama via creative drama activities, which include teacher-directed and group activities that will prepare them for independent practice on stage, participate in formal performances for peers, parents and the community, and demonstrate their talent in some of the school programs.


The dance program for K-8 students is based on the California State Standards. The program will involve students creating and performing brief dance patterns and phrases to communicate meaning and convey events, feelings, or themes. Students will demonstrate awareness of connections between dance and other subject areas and connections between dance and healthful living. Dance performances will be showcased on special programs.


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