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Renaissance Real World Academy – 4 Year Plan

Sample 4-Year Academic Plan
9th Grade:
6 classes – 60 units
10th Grade:
6 classes – 60 Units
11th Grade:
6 classes – 60 units
12th Grade:
5/6 classes – 50-60 units
English I English II 11th-grade ERWC – English 12th-grade ERWC – English/Dual Enrollment
Beginning Algebra/Math 1 Geometry/Math 2 Algebra 2/Math 3 Pre-Calculus/Prob and Stats/Calc.
Get Focused/Computer Skills World History US History Government and Economics
The Living Earth Chemistry w/Lab Physics/Environmental Science
PE 1 PE 2 Internship Internship/College Course
CTE Optional CTE Optional VPA/Foreign Language Option VPA/Foreign Language Option


230 UNITS (minimum)








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