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Classical Homeschool Academy (TK-8)

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Classical Homeschool Academy is to support homeschool families in the creation of hybrid on-site instruction and a homeschool learning environment.  We do this by working with parents to incorporate the following:

Individualized Instruction – students learn at their own pace

Focus on World History – history is broken down into four major periods -The Ancients, Fall of the Roman Empire through the Renaissance, Early Modern History, Modern History

Integrated Curriculum – based on the period of study, students read and study books in their entirety either from the period or high-quality texts about the period (examples–The Bronze Bow is read during the study of the Roman Empire)

Focus on Science – science is based on the major discoveries of the time period studied–astronomy and geography, biology, chemistry and physics

Cycle of World History – children are exposed to the major time periods twice during their elementary/middle school career. The Ancients are studied in first grade and fifth grade. The Fall of the Roman Empire through the Renaissance is studied in second grade and sixth grade. Early Modern Times are studied in third grade and seventh grade. Modern Times is studied in fourth grade and eighth grade.

Community Building – teachers and students work diligently to create a cooperative learning environment where children take care of each other and treat each other with the utmost respect.


How Do We Personalize Learning?

Students are given the opportunity to engage in their interests and create projects to demonstrate their understanding. Students learn a variety of techniques in order to understand, analyze, and synthesize new knowledge. The Power Tools were designed using time-tested techniques and processes which help students choose the tool that will best help them learn new material.


The Community is Our Classroom

Students are invited to several field trips throughout the year which correspond to the history and/or science topics discussed in class.
(Currently subject to COVID-19 restrictions)


A Day at Classical Homeschool Academy

On-site instruction days are geared towards activities and lessons that are best done with a group of students including Socratic discussion, hands-on science activities, cross-curricular writing lessons, and math discussion and group work.

  • On-Site Instruction Days – Monday, Tuesday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Home Study Days – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • State-Credentialed Teachers
  • Assistant Classroom Educator in each classroom


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