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Associated Student Body

The Associated Student Body is an integral part of our school culture. All students are encouraged to participate in the many fundraisers, activities, philanthropic opportunities, and events created by the student-led ASB Student Council. ASB Student Council members are expected to create, plan, and carry out as many of these events as possible. Errors and mistakes are expected, and used as learning opportunities (often sending everyone back to the drawing board for a more successful second try). Some of the events we’ve done in the past are:


– Talent Show
– Holiday Push Cart Parade
– Holiday & Spring Craft Fairs
– School Dances
– Presentations at the Springs Combined Board Meeting
– Game Nights
– Spring Fair


– Souplantation Fundraiser
– Chik-Fil-A Fundraiser
– See’s Candy
– Student-created & operated snack bar (& lunchtime pizza sales)
– Penny “Wars”


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