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Fostering Creativity Through the Arts –
Encouraging Innovators of the Future

Our Vision

As an arts integration learning community, we will learn in, about, and through the arts to enhance academic, social-emotional, and artistic growth in all students, thereby educating the whole child. Through critical thinking, inquiry, creativity and appreciation of the arts, students are able to connect to themselves, each other, all cultures, and the beauty of the world.

Our Mission

Our arts-integrated model infuses the arts across the curriculum, assists in the definitive development of innovative, flexible, creative people who look at solving complex problems in a unique manner and have the skills necessary to engineer new, transformative, solutions to the challenges that face the future of California and the global economic market.

Defining Elements of Our Program

• Emphasizing the process of learning, as well as the product

Our students are expected to complete high quality work, but our focus is as much on the learning process as the product. We believe that students need to feel safe and empowered in order to take risks necessary for learning, and for growth to occur.

• Incorporating the arts as a serious path to broader learning

We provide opportunities for students to develop their artistic intelligences both by infusing the arts throughout the curriculum, and by treating them as discrete, core subjects. Our arts integrated program encourages an intensity of effort and focus that is healthy for learning. As our students engage in serious work in the arts, they are required to think critically, generate multiple solutions to problems, and pursue long-term goals.

• Fostering individual growth, as well as community building

Our students develop their communication and leadership skills as they work together to raise questions, solve problems, and build a cohesive, productive learning community.

• Building a strong home/school connection

We support and encourage a strong connection between learning at home and at school, which positively influences our students’ attitudes and achievements

Why Choose The Otay Ranch Academy For the Arts?

A popular misconception is that arts integration only prepares students for success in the arts. While students are prepared for success in the arts, they are not limited. We would never think that a science class is only for students who intend to become scientists. In the same way, we understand that arts classes teach important skills that are necessary for all students.

Arts Integration students create and construct meaning. They are prepared to analyze, make connections, find patterns, work in groups, and make decisions where it seems that none are possible.

Other benefits include curricular achievement through inquiry, divergent thinking, and creativity; thus developing an appreciation for the arts as they relate to critical thinking skills and experiences. They learn about problem-solving, use thinking skills, and learn more in-depth about each particular art form. They make connections between real life, the curriculum and the arts.

Parent’s Code of Conduct

Otay Ranch Student Center seeks to instill positive character-building traits in our community’s youth through the demonstration of good sportsmanship, respect for others, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship. We ask that parents and their guests when on campus or attending ORAA sponsored events help us by reflecting these character traits at all times.

We’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may answer other questions you have.

A Day at Otay Ranch Academy for the Arts

Examples of arts-integrated lessons at Otay Ranch Academy for the Arts:

Listening – Students work with an instrumental ensemble strengthening essential listening skills while enriching and reinforcing the kindergarten curriculum.

Language Development – Students work with opera to strengthen vocabulary and enhance reading/writing skills throughout the creation of original operas

Kinesthetic Awareness – Students work with dance artists to identify mathematical structures and concepts in music.

Writing and Academic Skills – Students learn to play piano keyboards, Orff instruments, and or/recorders while reading, composing original music, and developing decoding skills important to language arts and mathematics.

Abstract Reasoning – Students study violin, developing their reading and fine motor skills

Research, Create, Perform – Students compose, direct, and perform original works that examine universal themes through an inquiry-based learning approach.

Composition/Analysis – Students work with theater and dance artists, instrumental ensembles, and/or visual artists to create and perform original works. This improves students’ comprehension, writing skills, and further develops their ability to use critical thinking strategies.

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