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Internship FAQs

How do I find an internship?

A school Work Experience Educator (WEE) will work with you to find an internship in your community.  As a school, we have business partners in place, but if those businesses do not interest you or are not in your community, the WEE will search for a new internship just for you.

How do I enroll in an internship course?

If taking for the first time, ask your ES or TOR to include EWEE 1A on your schedule.

How often am I expected to work?

The goal is to complete 4-8 hours per week at your internship.  The total goals are 40 hours for EWEE 1A and 75 hours for each course after that – EWEE 1B, EWEE 2A and EWEE 2B.

What if I do not like my placement?

The WEE will help you search for a new one. Please do not leave your current internship until a new one has been secured for you unless you have been instructed to do so.

Can I do my internship hours during the summer?

In order for you to get credit for an internship, you must be enrolled in the course. EWEE courses are not available during the summer.

How do I complete the proficiencies?

These are all done online using Canvas or in a classroom with the WEE teacher.

Will I be paid for my internship?

The internship is a non-paid working experience but you will receive school credit and the valuable skills you will take away from the experience!

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