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K-8th grades utilize various curricula:

Language Arts – iReady Language Arts, Read Theory, Lexia, RazKids, Reading Plus, and Engage NY as well as various novel-based and PBL projects. Our teachers are using supplemental pieces to personalize and challenge students at their levels.

Math – iReady, Prodigy, ST Math, and Engage NY work very well as curriculum that is Common Core aligned and can be easily utilized in our personalization for school and for home.

Social Studies – Our teachers use state standards to find and create personalized Social Studies content.

Science – On Thursday each class does S.T.E.A.M. activities that focus on grade-level topics. Students will also have teacher-created PBL projects and materials that are used to explore Science. Our teachers present science in exciting ways, while also allowing parents to bring it alive at home.

For grades K-8, PE, STEM, art, and electives are integrated into the core subject during classroom days, and plentiful time is allocated for students to pursue their individual interests during home study days.

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