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Springs CTE Pathways

Career Technical Education: In 2004, State Superintendent of Education Jack O’Connell said: The job of K–12 education in California must be to ensure that all our students graduate with the ability to fulfill their potential—whether that takes them to higher education or directly to their careers. Unfortunately . . . too many of our students are not adequately prepared for either. By raising our expectations for our students, we can and will begin to change that. For more information about Career Technical Education, click here to access the Career Technical Framework.

Springs’ guidance counselors are committed to helping students make post graduate planning applicable to independence adult living. In California, this means being able to earn a livable, sustainable wage, whether the student plans to pursue a four year college degree or enter the work force after graduation. We concur with Mr. O’Connell that student with both education and technical skills are highly sought after by employers. Students are advised during their high school years to be reflective about their future career goals and research and explore career options during their high school years.

Listed below are some of Springs’ recommendations as the best websites for career exploration including, bridges, an online career planning program offered to SCS students, but not available for retail.

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics – Great new look for this website on career information
  • California Career Resource Network – an interagency, state-level network created to support career guidance and academic counseling programs for high school students.
  • California Career Zone –  includes brief assessment – career clusters – career information and current job openings for California.
  • Learn Your Personality Type – online personality assessment similar to Keirsey Temperament.
  • My Future – Good information for high school students determining whether they are interested in joining the military or not.
  • Online Degrees – As Universities expand their programs, they have made more and more options available for obtaining degrees online. Thousands of different programs are available including everything from associate degrees to doctoral degrees. This website will help you explore the information.
  • Perkins Collaborative Resource Network – Perkins Collaborative Resource Network (ACRN) consists of state and federal organizations that provide information, resources and training on career and education exploration
  • US Department of Labor – Great resources including the Occupational Outlook Handbook and links to labor information.
  • Vocational Information Center – Great links to web based vocational information.


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