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Why Magnolia Academy Riverside?


Magnolia K-8 Academy offers students a comprehensive and student-centered curriculum in a supportive and nurturing environment. Differentiated instruction, hands-on learning activities, and moderate class sizes provide an opportunity to meet each individual student’s needs. By utilizing multi-faceted approaches, real-world examples, concrete applications and experiences, our vision is to develop well-rounded individuals of character who possess strong critical thinking and problem solving skills who will become global citizens and lifelong learners.

Personalized Learning

At Magnolia Academy, our Personalized Learning model embodies flexibility, inclusion, collaboration and innovation. Magnolia Academy recognizes the value of parent involvement and participation in their students’ education and learning process. We require and support a collaborative relationship between parent, student, teacher, and school in creating an optimal learning process. Magnolia Academy provides students with a variety of learning choices and opportunities, both within and beyond the classroom, to address each student’s individual learning needs and optimize each student’s learning potential.

Why personalize learning

Personalized Learning provides:

  • True accountability for students through personalized learning goals; I can do this!
  • A focus on student growth and habits of work and learning; I made this happen for myself!
  • Partnership with student, parent and teacher to facilitate successful learning for each student; I am an important part of a team who cares about my growth.
  • Communicates to students that positive values are critical to leading productive lives; What I believe I can achieve.
  • A culture based around rigor and personalized high expectations; I am a hard worker who takes pride in my work.

Goal setting

Students, parents and teachers create learning plans with goals for each semester.

Our learning plans are created in collaboration with the student, teacher/advisor, and parents and they articulate individualized goals built on the student’s passions, interests, goals, skills, needs.

Community as the Classroom

At Magnolia Academy, we place a strong emphasis on the concept of community, whether it be the community of learners within the school or the larger community of families, friends and neighbors beyond the school walls. Students are encouraged to see themselves as part of the community and to be responsible contributors discovering their talents and passions.

Over the years River Springs has partnered with community organizations and entities in a variety of ways, providing students with community service opportunities, field trips, and annual fundraising events. Some community-focused activities are organized by the individual campus while others are school-wide.

The quality, range and depth of activities at Magnolia Academy are remarkable and the size and scope of the school allows all students to find their niche as well as other kindred spirits from amongst their peers.


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