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Renaissance Real World Academy – 4 Year Plan

Sample 4-Year Academic Plan
9th Grade: 10th Grade: 11th Grade: 12th Grade:
(English I)
(English II/World History)
(English III/U.S. History)
(English IV/Gov/Econ)
Math 1 Math 2 Algebra 2/Pre-Calculus Calculus/Prob & Stats/Math 90 & 96
Biology w/Lab Chemistry w/Lab Environmental Science  w/Lab or Physics w/Lab Environmental Science  w/Lab or Physics w/Lab
Health – 1 semester
PE 1
PE 2 Internship CTE Internship CTE (Capstone Project)
Intro to CTE and Internship/Career Exploration CTE CTE/Art CTE/Life Skill Elective (possibly)
Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III (optional)


230 UNITS (minimum)

Real World

We are committed to empowering students with the confidence, social skills and intellectual capacity required to successfully thrive and compete in the global society.  Our children represent our hopes and dreams for the future, and they deserve the best education we can give them. We believe every student has the potential to succeed, and we are dedicated to making a difference in children’s lives by encouraging them to open their minds to learning, discovery and achievement.

Through our Real World Academy students have the opportunity to explore CTE Pathways and Internships throughout their high school experience.

Career Technical Education (CTE)

We offer many CTE Pathways and you may contact your school counselor for options.

Our CTE Pathway objectives are to:

  • Train students to produce creative ways to communicate, educate, and entertain using digital media and the arts.
  • Prepare students for continued study in college or professional schools.
  • Increase the students’ overall self-confidence that comes from discovering and developing one’s talents, work ethic, and ability to productively work individually and in partnerships.
  • Provide ongoing direction, resources, and practice to make life-long learning a pattern.

In addition, through our Engineering and Design CTE Pathway we offer Robotics.

This hands-on program integrates science, technology, engineering and math. Student’s engage in inquiry-based investigations that teach lessons in designing, building and programming robots.  Students develop leadership, teamwork and project management skills that prepare them for the future work force.

We are currently, working to expand CTE opportunities to our Middle School programs.



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