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Our academics at Bear River Student Center are focused on teaching our learners the key skills in math and language arts, utilizing the California State Standards. Within that focus, we try to integrate social studies, science, and art, whenever possible. Understanding our world, our history, current events, and the importance of being a responsible citizen are important components of education, and our teachers emphasize these within the daily curriculum.

Likewise, science exploration is part of the core principles of a Da Vinci Academy, and our teachers work hard to inspire the innate curiosity of our learners. Through hands-on activities, questioning, exploring, Socratic seminars, and analyzing current and future technologies, our learners are taught that they need to have an impact on their world in a positive way, helping to contribute to humanity.

Art integration is also a valuable part of learning, and our learners are given an opportunity to be creative within the various curricula, utilizing both sides of their brain. It is a vital part of education to use all modalities of learning, which is a staple of the Bear River Student Center Da Vinci Academy.

Finally, our academic program also encompasses enrichment opportunities, unique to our student center. Within these course offerings students can choose various areas to enhance, or, sometimes, learn for the first time: musical theater, Spanish, Raspberry Pi (computer coding), Art – Meet the Masters, debate, finance & economics, Combat Code (computer coding & gaming), photography, leadership, Lego League (robotics), culture & geography, chess, and physical fitness (in addition to PE during the course of every week.)

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