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The Corona Student Center Mosaic Program is designed to integrate the family into the school life of the student, utilizing the world as the classroom.

Classroom Days – Three days a week, the students are in the classroom, learning the core subjects, as well as art, physical fitness, and other subjects that help educate the “whole” child. It is our goal to provide a well-balanced education for our students, enriching their understanding of the world in a relevant way, and making them find a love for learning that they will take with them once they move beyond our walls. Our program also incorporates a very collaborative approach to learning, with students working in small groups together, problem-solving, and exploring new academic material in exciting ways. The students utilize technology throughout the learning process, preparing them for a future where they will be using technology in a collaborative work setting.

Homestudy Days – The home study portion of our program infuses the family into the classroom. Two days a week, the students are at home, completing assignments that are personalized for them, guided by family members. These days can also be used to explore the world and complete self-selected projects on this exploration. Communication between home and school is an integral part of making this form of education successful. Mosaic parents are invested at a high level in their children’s education, offering a unique opportunity to challenge and propel students into the future where they are prepared for their future.


The Corona Student Center Mosaic Academy is a school that is part of Springs Charter School. It is our mission to empower parents to work collaboratively with educators, creating a unique partnership that encourages students to take initiative in their learning. Although we focus on the core subjects, emphasizing the importance of strong language arts and math foundations, we also ignite each child’s passion for learning through a multi-faceted approach to teaching and acquiring knowledge. By personalizing our approach through the collaborative nature of our program, we find that success is in unlocking each student’s potential, creating life-long learners who are committed and involved members of their community.

Personalized Learning

How Do We Personalize Learning for Each Student?

Each Corona Student Center student is valued as an individual. Teachers know each student both as a human being and as a learner. The learning environment is designed so that each student has time and space to pursue academic and personal learning goals through a variety of means. Authentic and real-world learning experiences are consistently prioritized over traditional textbook methods. Corona Student Center learners are empowered with knowledge of their preferred learning style, tools they can use to master a learning goal, and significant choice in the learning process. Collaborating with their teacher, each student creates an individual learning path whereby s/he can attain measurable and achievable weekly and yearly goals (at least one year’s growth for students on or above grade level, 1.5 for students below grade level.)

Why Personalize?

It is vital that we personalize the learning for our students, ensuring that our educational philosophy is student-centered. By taking such an approach, we ensure that each individual child learns according to their unique learning style, which helps to maximize their potential. When the focus of learning is on each individual student’s interests and passions, they are empowered to learn.

Goal Setting

At the beginning of each year, we have each student set their academic and personal goals for the year. Throughout the course of the year, we discuss these individual goals with the students, helping them to achieve them, changing them if necessary. Knowing there is no one path towards any goal, we help guide our students along their learning journey to a positive conclusion.

A Day at Mosaic Academy Corona

There are two types of days here at Corona Student Center’s Mosaic Program.

Mark is a 6th grader. On a classroom day (Monday-Wednesday full day and Thursday until noon), he participates in engaging lessons from the teacher, collaborates with other students to complete educational projects, works independently on his reading, and works with a partner to review for a math test. Classroom laptops are available to enrich math, reading and comprehension, and to research science and social studies content for projects.

He heads home on a Thursday by 12:30 p.m. to complete the first portion of his home-study. Friday morning he wakes up and has breakfast in his pajamas with his parents. Mom tells him that one of his assignments for the day is to learn about habitats. There are a few options to accomplish this: watch a Brainpop video on at least one of the habitats and complete the accompanying SQ3R assignment; research an animal’s habitat online and write about five keys areas about that habitat that could not change without dramatically affecting that animal’s life; write a story from the perspective of a desert animal, describing your surroundings (use descriptive vocabulary), and then describe what that animal would experience if placed in a cold weather habitat; explore (with a parent) a habitat field trip within our community, describe it in detail, and draw a picture of it. Mark and his mom discuss the choices and decide to explore. After an hour or two Mark completes the remainder of his assignment, feeling invigorated from the personalized learning experience.

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