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A Venture Online Student

We are an online school, using online tools, to promote learning and support academic success.

The Venture Online Program is ideal for students who possess computer skills and are self-motivated. It is an independent study program providing students with full teacher support from single-subject and multiple-subject credentialed teachers.

Students retrieve weekly coursework via Canvas (our Online Learning Management System) and complete assignments at a flexible pace, according to the due dates provided. A teacher of record is available to answer questions during school hours via email, Google hangout, and Google chat.

Students are required to attend homeroom every Monday and a minimum of two live sessions per course per Sprint. Students who are not making adequate progress are required to attend all live sessions until they are making adequate progress.

Lesson plans, online courses, books, and a Chromebook are provided to Venture students while enrolled in the program. Many other opportunities, such as field trips, learning center classes, and funds for lessons through approved vendors, are included.

Necessary tools for online Student Agreement signing:
Internet access, computer with camera & microphone, printer/scanner, Gmail account for Google hangout, both parent & student present.

Students best suited for Venture Online will possess the following attributes:

1. Good self-discipline:
Motivation to perform academic requirements in an independent learning environment.
2. Resourcefulness:
Ability to find quick solutions and overcome difficulties in a timely manner.
3. Computer skills:
Word processing, printing, scanning, emailing, initiating google hangouts, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets, especially at the high school level. Basic computer skills are necessary for elementary-grade students.
4. Communication:
Willingness to reach out to teachers who make themselves available via google hangout, email, text, or phone.
5. Parental/Guardian support coach:
Parents/Guardians who are active participants in their child’s education and will promote consistent encouragement, communication with teachers, and support Venture procedures. Parents/guardians are responsible to log in daily attendance.




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