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By choosing to enroll in Mosaic Academy, parents are choosing to fully participate in a rigorous academic program for their student. In Mosaic, our students receive direct instruction and classroom activities necessary to master the most complex Grade-level Standards over three school days per week (M,W,F) allowing two school days per week of parent-led homestudy focusing on personalized foundational drill of facts, online mathematics instruction, and reading volume and comprehension. Our homestudy days are true “school days” requiring intense parent-involvement including student supervision, grading, reteaching and reporting of issues and concerns to the classroom teacher. On homestudy days, students receive personalized assignments; have the time to read deeply and to work on projects for several hours in a row from the comfort of home.

Our online programs, that provide homestudy assignments in detail and up to date student progress on all assignments, play a key role in empowering parents to be and stay connected to every aspect of their child education.


All of our students enjoy humanities, language arts and history, taught by the same teacher. This enables them to read about, write about, and especially have meaningful discussions about history, cultures and current day events. This is especially important as we move into the Common Core State Standards where students will provide evidence that they can analyze, justify and creatively express themselves.


Math is personalized to meet the wide range of abilities and individual needs. Our many online math programs are interactive and designed to identify a student’s area of strength so they can progress at a meaningful rate, and weakness so re-teaching and sufficient practice are accessible to every student. Science is taught with meaningful text and research, hands-on activities, and using the community.

*PE & Electives

P.E. is a challenge at our site due to site restrictions. Teachers get creative by teaching dance, planning mental/physical challenge activities and field trips to local sports facilities.

All students are given the opportunity to explore their gifts and talents through our diverse elective offerings of Musical theater, Lego League, and Visual Art.


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