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Cherry Valley Student Center combines the best of classroom learning with the best of homeschooling to create an innovative, new kind of learning. Our students receive instruction, group collaboration, and classroom activities over three school days per week, allowing two school days per week of home study. On homestudy days, students receive personalized assignments; have the time to read deeply, and to work on projects for several hours in a row from the comfort of home.


Cherry Valley Student Center embraces and promotes the gifts and talents of each student to nurture the social and emotional development of the individual child. Teachers and parents collaborate to provide personalized learning, rigorous expectations, and challenge all students to achieve their personal best.


Encouraging each unique individual to work together to become a masterpiece!

Personalized Learning

*How do we personalize learning for each student?

Building relationships and getting to know the students, and their parents, is a key component in personalizing! Teachers personalize learning by giving the students the opportunity to choose a learning path that is unique to their own style of learning as well as their own individual academic need. This is met by goal setting, personalized activities that are tailored to the child’s individual needs and interests, and giving the student choice in the learning process. We personalize with many different websites/programs such as ST Math, IXL, Raz-Kids, i-Ready, and more! We also use our I CAN’s to personalize for our students, directing them to specific skills they need to master and giving them a choice on how it will be learned. This engages all students and allows for a personal connection with their learning.

We empower parents by providing support and development to help them better work with their students at home. Parents can collaborate with teachers on choice lessons and activities to do with their students. They also have the freedom to add their own activities to meet the needs and interests of their children.

*Why personalize learning?

  • Personalized learning helps foster a student’s love of learning and more importantly, it allows students to take ownership of their own academics. Giving a student both a voice and a choice in his/her education is the key to success!
  • Personalized learning allows for all students to be engaged with the content they are currently learning. It also offers a teamwork approach in which the parent, student, and teacher are all working together to meet the needs of the whole child.
  • Personalization promotes confidence and pride in the student and encourages them to strive for their personal best.
  • Personalized learning enables a student to become a more independent learner. They have the ability to be in control, progressing at a pace that fits their needs. In addition, personalized learning gives a student an interest or a positive perception when it comes to their education.
  • Don’t we all want to feel special? Personalized learning does just that.

Goal Setting

  • Goal setting is a collaborative effort as student, parent, and teacher input are all considered in this process. When a student has input in selecting a goal, the process in which he/she obtains the goal is more meaningful and relevant to the child’s life.
  • We invite parents and students to set personal learning goals and track their progress through systems like ST math, iReady and I Can assignments and quizzes.
  • Goal setting allows the students to have a vested interest in their own educational journey.
  • Goal setting enables a student to strive for academic success and gives a sense of accomplishment early on in education. This mindset gives a student confidence and is also a useful tactic outside of the classroom.

A Day at Cherry Valley

A Day at Cherry Valley Student Center is impactful! More often than not we hear parents tell us that their student WANTS to come to school each day. All students are greeted by the principal, and teachers, with a handshake and a morning smile telling them that they are special and we are happy they are here. After morning drop-off, parents are encouraged to remain on campus to witness students and staff gathering together, as a school, for the flag salute and announcements; providing a sense of community for all stakeholders. Though class sizes can reach up to 35, the school invests in quality ACES (assistant classroom educators) and campus staff who, along with the teachers, invest in the lives of each student. Students learn in many ways from one classroom to the next, they can be found reading and discussing in groups on the carpet, working on projects as a team, and maneuvering through a challenging online math program. Lunch and time outside are purposeful, maintaining our R.E.A.C.H Core Values to promote a school culture of respect and safety. Upon dismissal, Cherry Valley students are encouraged to sign up for our offered after-school Stay & Make Clubs where they can participate in enrichment-style activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

*The Community is our Classroom

Our families are our biggest resource in using the community as our classroom. Tapping into the diverse population of our school brings a variety of guest speakers to our campus, field trips arranged to explore fascinating places and to meet experts in our area, and providing our students with the opportunity to give back to their community in a variety of ways.

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