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By choosing to enroll in the learning center, parents are choosing to enrich the homeschooling experience for their student. Students could receive direct instruction and classroom activities necessary to master Grade-level Standards or simply explore subjects in a fun and engaging collaborative environment.

Our online learning management system details all the lessons that are taught each week in our workshops, empowering parents to be and stay connected to every aspect of their child education.


Our students can enjoy humanities, language arts and history, taught in a variety of workshops. This enables them to read about, write about, and especially have meaningful discussions about history, cultures and current day events. Writing is integrated into every workshop in real and meaningful ways. This is especially important as we move into the Common Core State Standards where students will provide evidence that they can analyze, justify and creatively express themselves using technology.


Math is personalized to meet the wide range of abilities and individual needs. Our many online math programs are interactive and designed to identify a student’s area of strength so they can progress at a meaningful rate, and weakness so re-teaching and sufficient practice are accessible to every student. Hands-on physical science allows our students the opportunity to put what they are learning in science at home into practice. Students are able to explore and experiment with materials that may not be as easily accessible at home, or just may be too messy or time consuming for parents to fit in to an already busy homeschool schedule. Drawing on student interests in workshops, such as ESPN Science, makes science relevant and fun.

PE & Electives

P.E. can be a challenge due to site restrictions. Teachers get creative by teaching dance, planning mental/physical challenge activities and creative use of playground space.


All students are given the opportunity to explore academics, and their gifts and talents through our diverse workshop offerings.

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