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A Day at Renaissance Valley Academy

Students arrive in the morning dressed in their school uniform. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors wear a burgundy River Springs polo shirt. Seniors wear either a burgundy or black River Springs polo. All students wear tan or navy blue school uniform slacks (no sagging or skinny), or shorts or skirts (no more than two inches above the knee).

The uniform helps create a sense of community and pride in the school without the pressure of having to keep up with fashion or the distraction of students dressed inappropriately.

The students line up on the basketball court before class begins in the morning and are led to their classroom by their first period teachers. The teacher welcomes them at the door, shaking their hand and greeting them by name.

Students know their teachers really care about them as individuals and are there to help them succeed. Classes begin with good news and every class gives the opportunity for students to write an affirmation note to a friend or staff.

Academics are based on state standards but the lessons are differentiated to help he student take charge of their learning. Teachers provide their class with different learning strategies to give them the tools they need to master the subjects, internalizing and applying the facts to real life situations. Student are often given choices in the way the wish to approach their project, offering them opportunities to express their creativity or skill set.

Our school culture is based on character growth and mutual respect. Elective classes include multiple grade levels allowing for mentorship opportunities and leading by example. With small class sizes, the students have the opportunity to know every student at the school and hold each other accountable both in the classroom and beyond. Students learn that each class offers more than units and a grade; it gives them the skills they’ll need as adults in a professional community.

Students are supervised while on campus to provide a secure environment.

Teachers keep parents informed of student progress with regular progress reports, interactive online grade books, a virtual classroom, and conferences as needed.


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