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Flabob Middle School (7-8)

The middle school program at Flabob Airport Preparatory Academy is a small, personalized environment where students’ interests are focused on in a safe environment. Unlike a lot of traditional middle schools and junior high schools, our seventh and eighth grade students know one another well, frequently collaborating with one another, from day-to-day assignments, to fun and exciting projects. Due to our unique location, our eighth graders also have an opportunity to participate in some of the high school class offerings, including higher levels of math, foreign language, and CTE classes such as Aviation Seminar, Robotics, Leadership, and Engineering Essentials. The middle school program also involves our families into the educational foundation to a much larger degree, because one day a week the students have a home study day. This day is meant to be a personalized learning day at home, involving family members to support and guide the learning, utilizing the world as the classroom. This unique partnership makes the Flabob Airport Preparatory Academy a wonderful option to consider when families are looking for the “right” place to enroll their adolescent children.

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