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Mosaic Academy (K-8)

Mosaic Academy’s Mission Statement

Del Rio Student Center exists to personalize each individual student’s educational experience to create passionate, life-long learners who collectively form a perfect mosaic.  Del Rio embraces and promotes the gifts and talents of each student to nurture the social and emotional development of the individual child. Teachers and parents collaborate to provide personalized learning, rigorous expectations, and challenge all students to achieve their personal best. 

Mosaic parents are invested at a high level in their children’s education, offering a unique opportunity to challenge and propel students into the future where they are prepared for their future.

Classroom Days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday): Three days a week, the students are in the classroom, learning the core subjects, as well as art, physical fitness, and other subjects that help educate the “whole” child. It is our goal to provide a well-balanced education for our students, enriching their understanding of the world in a relevant way, and making them find a love for learning that they will take with them once they move beyond our walls. Our program also incorporates a very collaborative approach to learning, with students working in small groups together, problem-solving and exploring new academic material in exciting ways. The students utilize technology throughout the learning process, preparing them for a future where they will be using technology in a collaborative work setting.

Homestudy Days (Monday, Friday): The homestudy portion of our program infuses the family into the classroom. Our homestudy days are true “school days” requiring parent-involvement including student supervision, grading, reteaching and reporting of issues and concerns to the classroom teacher. On homestudy days, students receive personalized assignments; have the time to read deeply and to work on projects for several hours in a row from the comfort of home. Communication between home and school is an integral part of making this form of education a success.

Optional On Track Days (Monday, Friday): Students have the option of attending classes on site for a personalized learning day.  Students who choose to attend classes on campus will receive half a day of specialized math & reading instruction and half a day of enrichment classes along with small group instruction led by our ACE team.

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