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Seventh and eighth grade students are placed in a math group based on grade level.  We will be utilizing a dynamic program that allows students and parents to see progress, lessons, assignments and tests online.  Although our curriculum are our teachers do gear students toward important, Common Core goals, we are also flexible and adjust to what students need and what makes sense to them!

Language Arts, Social Studies & Science

Our Language Arts, Social Studies & Science curriculum were developed by the Houston Montessori Center and are constantly being updated & adapted by our skilled teachers based on the needs and interests of the student population.

Generally, students work on Language Arts assignments individually, while Science & Social Studies have more opportunities for group projects and assignments.

Life Skills

Life skills was designed to give students opportunities to learn skills important in daily life, such as scheduling their time, reviewing grades, learning budgeting skills, applying basic math concepts, setting goals and the like. This grade is also averaged with Community Meeting behavior and PE attendance and effort.

Personal World

Personal world is a class designed specifically for Montessori Middle School students.  Adolescence is an age in which students are finally able to start thinking about their own thinking (metacognition).  They are guided through various readings and questions to help them probe their own minds, encouraging them to ask who they are, what is important to them and how to react to the challenges of life in middle school.

PE & Electives

Students in the Montessori Middle School program will participate in PE two days a week in the morning for a half hour.  They are expected to dress accordingly and are welcome to change afterwards.

Electives are offered on Fridays and may include: PE, visual arts, performing arts, ASB and the like.  Students will be sent home with selection forms after the school year begins. Generally, they are given preferences in terms of when the forms are returned.

Community Meeting

This unique & important component of our program is a twice weekly community meeting in which all 7th & 8th students participate.  We meet to share about our lives, review announcements, listen to different styles of music, participate in “brain gym”, and acknowledge each other for contributions to the community and each other.

Cycles of Work

Work is organized in 5-6 week “cycles” and study guides are color coded to help students keep track of assignments.  They are given the entire cycle’s worth of assignments at the beginning so that there is no need to call in for work if your student is sick!  They are also able to see the end goals and work/plan ahead if desired.

Parents are easily able to see on a daily basis how their child is completing work based on teacher initials on these “study guides”.  Teachers also update Jupitergrades no less than once a week to ensure that parents are in the loop and grades are accurate.

Intersession Weeks

At the end of each cycle of work, an intersession week allows students to complete any late work they have, take make up tests and refresh for the next cycle.  We will often have field trips during this time as well.

How Much Homework Is There?

There is no homework!!  IF students are able to complete all of the work during their regular class day, there truly is no homework.  However wisely students use their time in school will determine the amount of homework he/she will have.  However, most new students will have homework until they adjust to the increased work load expected in middle school.

Mastery Learning & Due Dates

A part of Montessori philosophy is that students should obtain mastery of each subject before moving on.  Students in our program will earn a PASS in each subject if they earn 80% or better average on tests & assignments.  Grades are based on 50% for assignments and 50% for tests and projects.

Assignments are either completely done (100%) or completely NOT done (missing) and will be marked in Jupitergrades as such.  With rare exceptions, there are no late penalties on assignments until the end of the cycle.  When the cycle ends, missing assignments turn into ZERO’s and students may no longer turn them in.

Although we encourage students to study and be ready on time, they are generally given TWO opportunities to pass their tests.  Those who pass the first time may be given incentives.  In addition, the second version may be more challenging and must be taken after school or during intersession week.

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