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Da Vinci Academy (TK-8)

Everything Is Possible!


2019-20 Bear River Bee

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Shane Wickwire
(951) 225-7659

Vice Principal
Renee Gooding
(951) 225-7660

Site Facilitator
Lindsay Robson
(951) 225-7656

Program Facilitator
Shelly Shepherd
(951) 225-7650

Rosie Gutierrez
(951) 225-7650

To contact teaching staff, please call the front office at (951) 225-7650

Jessica Taylor

Tanya Keegan

Angelica Padilla

Tiffiny Aery
1st Grade

Amy Collins
1st Grade

Sara Bennett
2nd Grade

Erika Clevenger
2nd Grade

Rebecca Dugas
3rd Grade

Cortney Tillery
3rd Grade

Amanda Sato
4th Grade

Chris Van Haften
4th Grade

Amy Jonas
5th Grade

Tiffany Guffey
5th Grade

Bronte Liesenfelt
5th Grade

Lindsay Strachan
5th Grade

Nicole Nielsen
7th-8th Grade Science

Jessica Martinez
7th-8th Grade Math

Ray Jaime
7th-8th Grade Language Arts

Mary Bedley
7th-8th Grade History

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