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A Cosmic Curriculum

The Montessori curriculum is integrated throughout language arts, math, science, social studies and art. Teachers present lessons from curriculum binders, which are to be used as a launching point for deeper study and investigation. Examples of curriculum in each subject area are as follows:

Language arts: The story of our alphabet, history of language, written language, spoken language, literature, grammar studies, style, word study.

Math: The story of numerals, numeration, commutative and distributive property, powers/squares/cubes, divisibility, fractions, decimals, multiples/factors/primes, squaring, square root, cubing, cube root, signed numbers, word problems, ratio and proportion, measurement, non-decimal bases, algebra.

Geometry: Congruent/similar/equivalent, lines, angles, polygons, area, volume, Pythagorean theorem.

History: The timeline of life, the story of human beings, fundamental needs of humans, timeline of human beings, time, three phases of civilization, migrations, US history.

Biology: The story of plants, the needs of the plant, animal body functions, leaf/root/stem functions, photosynthesis, flower/fruit/seed functions, kingdom plantae, kingdom Animalia, the human body, ecology, physical education.

Geography: The story of the universe, the composition of the earth, combining, states of matter, the sun and the earth, maps, inter-dependencies, the work of air, the work of water, economic geography.

Art: bookbinding, drawing, projects, kinds of lines, art theory, principles of art and design, sculpture.

Music: unison and solo singing, notation and pitch, tone bars, notation of rhythm, intonation exercises, inner hearing, major and minor scales, movement, music appreciation.


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