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Social Sciences

Social Science, also known as history or social studies, allows students to explore and discuss the common and complex themes throughout history and make connections to their own lives. Our mission is to engage students in content knowledge and cultural understanding, democratic and civic values, and attainment of the skills that will enable them to become knowledgeable, effective, and honorable citizens in the 21st Century.

Throughout all history courses, the use of biographies, original documents, diaries, letters, legends, speeches, and other narrative artifacts from our past is encouraged to foster students’ understanding and application of historical events and themes. Springs Charter Schools encourages students and their families to utilize learning experiences in their community.

Each year our students participate in National History Day. Students create history related projects and display them during our Springs History Day events. The highest scoring projects move on to district level competitions. For more information about History Day, please click here. Ask your Academy Teacher or Homeschool ES for more information regarding this year’s events.

Springs high school students have several options for completing social science requirements including taking site-based courses at our regional academies and learning centers, using our online independent study curriculum guides, attending community college courses or completing parent developed social science courses.

For more information about how we can support your student’s understanding of history please contact our Social Science Specialist, Beth Whitehead, at



Springs Charter Schools is a family environment that cares about each student’s future. They make you work hard and encourage their students to do better, be better, and go for their dreams. The teachers keep parents informed by email or phone calls about the progress or needs of their child.

- J.J. Rosales, Parent
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