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Graduation Participation

Graduating seniors may participate in the Springs Charter Graduation Ceremonies if:

  • The student has completed all graduation course requirements.
  • The student is within 10 units of completion of the graduation course AND is enrolled in extended learning.

The student is in “good standing” in regards to citizenship and behavior. Participation in graduation ceremonies is a privilege. Students may be notified in writing as part of a disciplinary process that, although they will receive the diploma for completing all graduation courses & exam requirements, the privilege to participate in graduation ceremonies has been withdrawn based on non-academic issues. In these cases, the parent may appeal the decision to the Program Director, Senior Director, and/or Director of Education.

Cap and Gown, Ceremony Participation and Diploma

Student Records will contact all potential graduates with information about how to order a Cap & Gown and graduation ceremony logistics, as well as to request a small fee for the printing and framing of the student’s diploma.


My favorite subject in school is Math because it really makes you think and gets your mind going. Also the math teachers here are amazing; they don’t hold you back, they challenge you.

- A. White, Student
High School
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