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Our Internships

Students have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills by doing meaningful, hands-on work as an intern. Internship teachers will help students find their internship within the student’s community and in their career interests. The student will complete 120 hours of internship or 4 hours per week that are aligned with the student’s career interest. Students will know how to write a resume, cover letter, letter of recommendation, and participate in an interview. They will also learn about employee expectations and customer service skills which will prepare students for the real world.

Click here to learn more. You can contact our Internship Coordinator, Judy Adair, at

Avalon Josh and Blake Lucero .. Matt
Avalon Glenn – Interned at
Big Foot Graphics for three
years and was awarded a
.. Josh Greene and Blake
Plante created a video
EAA Chapter One.
.. Lucero Arechiga – received
the Teen Scholarship award
for Excellence from Hospice
of the Valley for  her 112
hours of excellent service.
Matt Dawson – internship
for Wilson Creek Winery
Restaurant has been
offered a part-time job
because of the excellent
work he has done for
them as an intern.



Whenever there is in interesting topic, I am always eager to learn it!

- Student
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