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The high school transcript is the official, permanent record of each high school student’s academic accomplishments. Credentialed teachers are responsible to follow all Springs Charter schools enrollment policies and teacher responsibilities as determined by administrative staff including program directors, Senior Management, SCS School Board, and RCOE guidelines as agreed to under the charter.

Springs has partnered with Parchment to make ordering transcripts easier for parents and students. Please click the link below, create a profile, and order away.

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High School Transcripts from Previous Schools: The transcript technician may post-high school courses, grades, and units based on documentation from another high school’s Official Transcript. It is the student/parent’s responsibility to contact the previous school and request the Official Transcript to be sent to the transcript technician for posting to the student’s SCS transcript. All high school courses, grades and units must be posted as they appear on the previous school’s transcript. Course titles may be changed to reflect Springs’ Course title equivalents (for example English 1A at Murrieta High School may be posted as A-G English IA on the Springs’ transcript if the course is listed under the UC Regents approved courses for Murrieta High).

College Transcript Submission: Springs’ policy allows for college-level courses to be posted on the high school transcript once the transcript technician has received the Official Transcript from the college. College courses are posted at the request of the student/parent and it is not required that all college courses be posted on the student’s high school transcript. It is the student’s responsibility to request the Official Transcript to be sent to the Transcript technician as well as to communicate in writing which courses should be posted on the student’s SCS transcript. Communication may be done through the ES or academy site staff but must be requested through email or other written format.

Withdrawal Grades for Springs Charter Schools Students: When a student withdraws or is removed from a class after the first four weeks of a semester, partial units may be awarded a grade for the work done up to the point of withdrawal.  Under Independent Study guidelines, students are awarded grades and units based on work completed. Springs’ high school students who withdraw from school during the semester are expected to be awarded all grades and units that have been earned up to the point of withdrawal. The ES or teacher of record is expected to post Withdrawal grades on the student’s report card within a reasonable time frame of the student’s department in order that the receiving school can assign courses accurately. A copy of the report card should be provided to the student at the time of withdrawal, regardless of the circumstances for the student drop. Withdrawal grades will appear on the high school transcript and be sent to the new school as part of the cumulative folder.

Incomplete and Pass/Fail Grades: Under Independent Study guidelines, students are to be awarded letter grades and units based on work completed. SCS does not award Incomplete or Pass/Fail grades.

“No Mark” Grades: All attempted courses must remain on the student’s transcript, regardless of the final grade and units earned. Attempted courses are defined as courses in which the student 1) was enrolled, 2) met with a teacher, and 3) received lesson assignments and/or instructional materials. In addition, if school staff claimed any portion of ADA (attendance) for the class, then the course must remain on the student’s transcript. Students who do not complete sufficient work to earn at least 1 full unit of credit may have a grade of NM and 0 units posted on the transcript.

Students who are enrolled in, but did not attempt a specific course (see definition above) may have a course removed from the transcript by requesting that the ES, TOR, credentialed administrator, or counselor submit a completed addendum to the Guidance Department.

Middle School Courses: Students who have successfully passed an A-G high school course in the areas of math or foreign language may request the course be posted on the student’s high school transcript.

Exceptions: On rare occasions, other credentialed staff may determine courses, grades and unit assignments under the following conditions 1) when the teacher assigned to oversee the student’s work is not available or no longer employed at Springs Charter schools, 2) when the parent or student contests the course, grade or units assigned and a credentialed administrator reviews the entire body of student work or documented completion of lessons, grading policies, etc. or 3) by written school policy and 4) when a parent or student requests consideration of grades/units for non-traditional coursework, such as Withdrawal Grades for another school, CTE and other course certificates, independent study work completed under non-credentialed staff, parent designed transcripts, international transcripts, and college work completed outside of guidelines as stated in SCS written concurrent enrollment policies.



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