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Graduation Requirements

High School Diploma Requirements (in unit increments)

Language Arts 40 units
World History 10 units
United States History 10 units
Economics 5 units
American Government 5 units
Mathematics** 30 units
Physical/Earth Science 10 w/lab units
Biological/Life Science 10 w/lab units
Foreign Language, CTE, or Visual/Performing Art* 10 units
Foreign Language N/A
Visual/Performing Art N/A
Special Interests 50 units
Physical Education 20 units
Health 5 units
Life Skills Electives 25 units
Total Units 230 units

 *The English Elective and the Visual Performing art must be a one-year course (10 units of the same course). 

**Math requirement includes at least one year of Algebra content.

Students will be expected to be continuously enrolled in the core courses required for graduation until they have met all the requirements listed.


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