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i-Ready Diagnostic Assessment

i_ready_logo Springs Charter Schools use i-Ready online diagnostic assessments for ELA and math to assess student abilities in these areas. I-ready is an adaptive test used to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses and to tailor instruction based on the diagnostic report. The results of this assessment are immediately available to show you what your students understand and what they don’t understand, both for on-grade level skills and off-grade. The diagnostic test results help to ensure accurate student placement, diagnose instructional needs and to measure student gains across reporting periods. I -Ready includes downloadable math and ELA lessons and online instruction tailored to students’ needs. Resources are correlated to both CA Standards and Common Core State Standards.

We recommend that each student take the exam at the beginning and end of each school year.  Students may also take the exam mid-year.

If you do not have your student’s login information, please contact your Education Specialist (ES) or Site Director.  Once you have the log in and password, please click on Parent/Student logins at the top of the website, choose i-Ready and log in.

How the Diagnostic Assessment Adapts.

• The i-Ready Diagnostic Assessment will keep adapting, or adjusting, until it finds exactly the level at which your students need to receive instruction.

• When students answer questions correctly, i-Ready gives them more challenging questions. When students answer questions incorrectly, i-Ready gives them questions that are easier.

• This process continues until i-Ready pinpoints which skills each student seems to know well and which need improvement.


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