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High School Guidance

Springs Charter Schools, are parent choice schools where the community is the classroom. Our mission is to foster the innate curiosity of our students, empower their parents, and promote optimum learning by collaboratively developing a personalized learning program for each student.

The Guidance Department is committed to fostering a healthy environment where students can thrive both emotionally and academically. If students would like to meet with a counselor for specific academic advisement or for personal reasons, they may call the Guidance Department at 951-252-8833 to set up an appointment.

Guidance Department Services:

  • Academic advising
  • Scholarship Information
  • Student retention & promotion
  • Concurrent Enrollment help
  • Entertainment and Work Permits
  • Personal/Social/Emotional support
  • Vocational opportunities/programs

Springs Charter Schools high school programs offer the flexibility of personalized learning by allowing the student, parent, and teacher to put together a graduation plan that meets state requirements, while still allowing freedom in choosing elective courses that match the student’s interests and goals.

We encourage our homeschool students to participate in our site programs, if possible, to augment home study. In addition, we support concurrent enrollment for any qualified student who wishes to attend community college while still in high school.

Career exploration/CTE opportunities are also a positive tool to help the student determine his/her career objectives. Students interested in CTE are encouraged to browse through our Career Technical Education (CTE) resource page to view courses that have been pre-approved by the Regents of the UC System as meeting the level of rigor expected for students graduating High School.

Springs recommends a diversified sequence of college prep classes that will best prepare students for whatever their post-graduation goals may be.

Did you know Springs Charter Schools offers to administrate your AP exams? Contact the AP Coordinator for more information 951-225-7749.


Springs Charter Schools prepares me for a career in the 21st century by preparing me for what career I want to do when I grow up. The CTE class really helps us figure out what we want to do in the future.

- Maria C., Student
High School
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