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Academic Advisement

It’s never too soon to start thinking about college and careers. In fact, early preparation is the key to success. Visit the school counselor in the fall and ask the counselor to help you select classes that will prepare you for college. Try to earn grades of A or B and put extra effort into English and Math. See if you’re reading and math is at grade level. Here are things you can do beginning in middle school

6th & 7th Grade

  • Take English.
  • Take mathematics, such as pre-Algebra or Algebra I.
  • Develop good study habits and earn good grades (As and Bs).

8th Grade

  • Take pre-Algebra or Algebra I or Geometry.
  • Take a language other than English.
  • Begin your Student Planner at
  • Focus on your classes and keep up with homework assignments. This will help you master the study skills you need to be successful in high school and college.

Study Habits
“Above all, think positively and get going. Once you are into a task, you will probably find that it is more interesting than you thought it would be and not as difficult as you feared. You will feel increasingly relieved as you work toward its accomplishment and will come to look forward to the feeling of satisfaction you will experience when you have completed the task.”

Ten ways to be more effective in your school work:
1.    Time Management
2.    Scheduling and Setting Goals
3.    Creating a To-do List
4.    Organizing Tasks
5.    Motivating Yourself
6.    Managing Stress
7.    Prioritizing Tasks
8.    Avoiding Procrastination
9.    Developing self-discipline
10.  Problem solving

For more information on study skills visit:


What I love most about Springs Charter Schools is the teachers, because they are like family. We’ve been with them since freshman year and have developed a great friendship.

- Garret N., Student
High School
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