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Springs Charter Schools has developed boxed set lesson plans for grades K-8 that offer multi-sensory and multi-media choices for students and parents to acquire essential skills. Each of the grade levels consists of weekly pacing guides, daily lessons, carefully chosen curriculum for the core subjects, and fun supplemental lessons to enrich your school experience. Your Education Specialist is here to support you in choosing the correct curriculum level and in enriching your school year with school-wide events, field trips, and learning center classes.

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten (K) uses the award-winning Starfall program. Starfall is a Reading and Language Arts curriculum that is magical, creative, sequential, integrated, and combines content area instruction in Reading, Phonics, Social Studies, and Science, all supported with online stories and activities at Starfall.com. Click here for a curriculum overview.

TK and K also use the Starfall Math program.  Starfall Kindergarten Mathematics is a spiraled curriculum that aligns with the Common Core State Standards. The benefits of a spiraled curriculum include: Learning is spread out over time, and concepts are revisited repeatedly over months rather than concentrated in continuous blocks.  Spiraling is effective with all learners, including those who are struggling, since important concepts are often revisited. Spiraling enables learners to develop connections over time, creating pathways for recalling information. Multiple strategically-spaced and strategically-progressive experiences produce deeper, more conceptual learning. Click here for a curriculum overview.

1st – 8th grades explore, analyze, and discover learning through the rich curriculum of Moving Beyond the Page. MBTP uses research-based educational strategies to help your child see connections between subjects using unit studies that integrate science, social studies, and language arts.  MBTP will turn your child into a problem solver and an innovator through activities that require critical and creative thinking, as well as, encourage real-world application using project-based instruction, and teach your child in a way that meets their needs by supporting different learning styles and multiple intelligences.  Have peace of mind that your children will not have gaps in their learning as they cover state and national standards at each level.  Boxed Set math options vary by grade level using Go Math, Saxon, Math Path Learning Center Classes or our own SCS developed Spring Into Math courses (grades 5th – 8th only).

As always, box set lesson plans are able to be modified and are meant to be a flexible tool to free you, the parent, up to focus your time and energy on teaching rather than designing school curriculum.  We have done the work for you!  Enjoy your school year.

Click here to learn more about the Math Path options. This Springs created path will help lead your child to math success!


I love attending Springs Charter Schools because it’s a small school, everyone knows each other, and the teachers know you better.

- Autumn S., Student
High School
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