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School Counselors

Who Are School Counselors?

At Springs Charter Schools, our counselors are here to help you. Each student is assigned a particular counselor. If you are unaware of who your counselor is, contact the Student Services department at 951-252-8833.

Director of Student Services
Leanne Windmiller
(951) 289-4708
Annupama (Annie) Seymour
Bear River Student Center
(951) 225-7652
David Venegas-Perez
Vista Student Center
(951) 225-7832
Venture Online K-8
(951) 225-7729
Shannon Hicks
Flabob Airport Preparatory Academy
(951) 225-3026
Magnolia High School 9-12 Academics
(951) 225-7200
Kelly Kester
iShine Student Center
(951) 225-7500
Sarah Amato
Journey High School (951) 365-7214
Alexandria (Tiffani) Pedersen
Renaissance Valley Academy HS 9-12 Academics
(951) 225-7175
Letisia Romero
Riverside Student Center
(951) 225-7390
Del Rio Student Center
(951) 225-2825
Abril Salazar
Renaissance Valley Academy
(951) 225-7180
 Ashley Cardoza
Magnolia Student Center
(951) 225-7209
Madeline Holkeboer
Temecula Student Center 9-12
(951) 225-7400
Venture Online 9-12
(951) 225-7729
Emily Castanon
Rancho Cucamonga Personalized Learning Center
(951) 225-7321
Corona Student Center
(951) 225-7553
Michelle Faulkenberry
Temecula Student Center
(951) 225-7486
Maria Inostroz
Otay Ranch Academy For the Arts
(951) 225-7791
Ronica Lien
Murrieta Student Center
(951) 225-725
Madison Miracle
Hemet Quest Student Center
(951) 225-7644
Elisa Cornelius
Santa Ana Student Center
(951) 225-7139
Virtual Village & Montesorri Voyage
(714) 482-3241
Homeschool K-8- Renee Hanson
(714) 482-3241
Sylvia Miranda
Palm Academy
(951) 225-7326
Cherry Valley Student Center
(951) 225-7450
Homeschool K-8 Rebecca Fabozzi
Amber Love
Homeschool K-8- Jacquelyn Hunter
(951) 383-1566
Homeschool K-8 Nancy Branchaud
(951) 383-1566
Homeschool K-8 April Jacoby
(951) 383-1566
Homeschool K-8 Lori Loucks
(951) 383-1566

Counselor Role in High School Advisement

The counseling department maintains that the education and development of student potential are vested in the individual, family, school, and community and is therefore committed to a collaborative process that is inclusive of all stakeholders.

Departmental functions include:

  • Professional counseling & support services
  • New student enrollment and program placement
  • RTI (Response to Intervention) services including RTI, speech referrals, and 504 Plans

Counseling staff is committed to the following student-related services:

  • Student advocacy and assistance toward independence and responsibility in action
  • Participate as an integral part of the school in addressing the complex issues that students are confronted with in today’s society
  • Early identification and advisement for college-bound students
  • Crisis intervention – Response, staff development, written school policies & processes
  • Coordination of student services with all departments (Special Education, Student Records, Instruction and Curriculum, Discipline, etc)
  • Develop systematic academic advisement policies and practices to ensure that all high school students are placed in courses appropriate to meeting both SCS graduation requirements, enrollment policies, and student post-graduation goals
  • Develop an increased understanding in the educational community of student’s social, emotional, and developmental needs and proven strategies for responding to all students
  • Foster the belief that every individual is capable of learning and deserving of respect
  • Support the belief that education must prepare students to live and work in a complex and ever-changing global society
  • To foster reflection, re-evaluation, and openness to change as key elements toward program and individual improvement

Advisement Functions:

  • Develop four-year academic plans for all Springs Charter School programs
  • Develop individualized four-year academic plans for all high school students
  • Provide staff development and training to all high school staff, teachers, and directors
  • Collaborate with all program directors on course advisement issues and scheduling
  • Provide advisement for parents and students’ ongoing development of the student’s four-year academic plan


What I love most about attending Springs Charter Schools is that they help you more one on one any time you need it.

- Cori A., Student
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