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Barstow Community College Classes

In partnership with Barstow Community College (BCC), Springs Charter is pleased to offer students College & Career Readiness opportunities, earning both high school and college credits through dual enrollment.

This program allows eligible high school students in grades 9 through 12, with the consent of their counselor, to earn college credits while fulfilling their graduation requirements.

Barstow Community College will enroll students in their desired courses if space is available, otherwise, students will be placed on the waitlist.

Barstow Community College has two semesters, Fall and Spring. Within each semester, Barstow CC offers two 9-week terms, Fall 1 and Fall 2 and Spring 1 and Spring 2. 

NOTE: Students must complete the 2023-2024 Barstow Community College (BCC) Dual Enrollment Core Course Selection form for each semester/term of interest.

Students can take up to 11.5 units per semester.  Multiple courses can be selected but cannot exceed the maximum number of units per semester. All classes will be taught by a Barstow Community College (BCC) professor online and are tuition-free. 

Springs Charter Schools will provide students with all course-required materials including textbooks.

Course Selection*

ADJU 1 Introduction to the Administration of Justice (3 units)
ARTS 1 Art History & Appreciation: Prehistory through the Middle Ages (3 units)
ARTS 2 Art History & Appreciation: Early Renaissance to Post-Modern (3 units)
BADM 5 Introduction to Business (3 units)
BIOL 2 Concepts in Biology (4 units)
CHLD 4 Child Growth and Development (3 units)
COMM 1 Elements of Public Speaking (3 units)
COMM 3 Interpersonal Communication (3 units)
COMM 5 Introduction to Communication Theory (3 units)
ENG 1A English Composition and Reading (3 units)
ENG 1C Critical Thinking and Composition (4 units)
ETHN 1 Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3 units)
ETHN 5 Introduction to the Latinx Experience (3 units)
ETHN 6 Introduction to the African American Studies (3 units)
HEAL 2 Nutrition (3 units)
HIST 2A Survey of US History 1: The Colonial Period Through Reconstruction (3 units)
HIST 2 B Survey of US History II: From the End of Reconstruction to the 21st Century (3 units)
HIST 4 The US in the 20th Century (3 units)
HIST 8A Survey of World Civilizations I: From the Dawn of Humankind to the 1300s (3 units)
HIST 8B Survey of World Civilizations II: From the 1300s to the present (3 units)
HUMA 1 Humanities Through the Arts (3 units)
MATH 2 Introduction to Statistics (4 units)
MATH 3 College Algebra (4 units)
MUSI 2 Music Appreciation – Classical (3 units)
MUSI 3 Music Appreciation – American Music (3 units)
PHIL 1 Introduction to Philosophy (3 units)
POLI 1 American Political Institutions (3 units)
PSYC 1 Introduction to Psychology (3 units)
SDEV 5 Career and Life Planning (3 units) FRESHMAN YEAR RECOMMENDED
SOCI 1 Introduction to Sociology (3 units)

Applications are NOW being accepted for the Academic School Year 2023-2024.

Start the application process:

  1.  2023-2024 Barstow Community College (BCC) Dual Enrollment Core Course Selection form.
  2.  Complete the Barstow Community College Admissions Application

For information on all programs offered through Barstow Community College, please reach out to your counselor, or contact Kathy Crudo.


This is a great school for involved parents who want to be a part of their child’s development. This school allows for parents to not only know what takes place, but participate.

- Parent
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