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Barstow Community College Classes

Take one class and get BOTH High School and College Credit

Barstow Community College and Springs Charter school have a joint mission to assist students to complete college credits while enrolled in high school. Students can earn a high school diploma as well as a college degree.

Start your college journey now for FREE! through Barstow Community Colleges’ Career Ready Academy Dual Enrollment program.

Dual enrollment allows high school students to take college classes. These classes may count for both high school and college credit. High school students who complete dual enrollment classes generally take fewer classes in college and save money on total college costs!

Why wait? You can get started on your AA degree, certificate requirements or begin your general education courses for transfer to Cal State and University of California schools, or 4 year private or out-of-state colleges.

Eligibility and Restrictions:
9th – 12th Grade Students
Counselor Approval

Who Can Participate?

All Springs 9th-12th grade students who have the support of their parents, a recommendation from their ES/TOR, and verification from a high school counselor.

What Courses are offered?

Barstow Academic 2022-2023 school year.

1. ADJU 1 Introduction to the Administration of Justice (3 units)
2. ARTS 1 Art History & Appreciation: Prehistory through the Middle Ages (3 units)
3. ARTS 2 Art History & Appreciation: Early Renaissance to Post Modern (3 units)
4. BADM 5 Introduction to Business (3 units)
5. CHLD 4 Child Growth & Development (3 units)
6. COMM 1 Elements of Public Speaking (4 units)
7. COMM 3: Interpersonal Communications (3 units)
8. COMM 5 Introduction to Communication Theory (3 units)
9. ENGL 1A English Composition & Reading (3 units)
10. ENGL 1C Critical Thinking & Composition (4 units)
11. ETHN 1 Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3 units)
12. HEAL 2 Nutrition (3 units)
13. HUMA 1 Humanities throughout the Arts (3 units)
14. HUMA 4 Survey of Film (3 units) FRESHMAN YEAR RECOMMENDED
15. MATH 2 Introduction to Statistics (4 units)
16. MATH 3 College Algebra (4 units)
17. MATH 5 College Math for Liberal Arts (3 units)
18. PSYC 1 Introduction to Psychology (3 units)
19. SDEV 5 Career and Life Planning (3 units) FRESHMAN YEAR RECOMMENDED
20. SOCI 1 Introduction to Sociology (3 units)
21. HIST 2A Survey of US History l : The colonial Period through Reconstruction (3 Units)
22. HIST 2B Survey of US History ll : From the End of Reconstruction to the 21st Century (3 Units)

How to Apply:  

Applications are NOW being accepted for the Academic School Year 2022-2023

1 – Complete the 2022-2023 Barstow Community College (BCC) Dual Enrollment Core Course Selection

For information on all programs offered through Barstow Community College, please reach out to your counselor, or email Kathy Crudo, College/Career Technician at




I felt excited and curious while learning about WWII in US History. My teacher was very informative about what had happened and to finish the lesson off, she took us to the Tolerance Museum.

- Sarah H., Student
High School
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