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Senior Checklist

  • Begin to narrow options for work, vocational training, community college and/or four year college.
  • See Great Websites for Career & Vocational Transitions [connect to Choosing a Career page under College & Career)
  • Research schools and admissions requirements online
  • Visit colleges
  • Take SAT I & ACT exams before December if applying to four year colleges.
  • SAT I registration, information and practice exams online at
  • ACT registration, information and practice exams online at
  • November: All California State University & University of California freshmen admissions application window is (November 1 to 30). All CSU/UC applications are due before or on November 30. Online applications preferred.
  • Financial Aid: All vocational & four year colleges require students to apply for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal and State Aid).
  • November: Apply online for FAFSA pin number at January 1 to March 2 FAFSA application window for all California Residence & Cal Grants
  • Submit GPA Verification form to River Springs Guidance Department at the Temecula Administration office. To print a form online, go to and select to following links– Cal Grants – verified grade point average (GPA) – September 2, 2006 Cal Grant GPA Verification form. Be certain to fill our the student information and student signature to release information.
  • Research about Financial Aid at California Student Aid Commission for information about Cal Grants – work study programs and low interest student loans.
  • Fund Your Future is a comprehensive publication produced by the California Student Aid Commission that explains all aspects of financial aid and student loans. To download your own copy: and select the following links: schools – high schools – publications – Fund Your Future Counselor’s Guide
  • Submit applications for all community colleges – vocational training schools – private & out of state colleges.
  • Research Admissions expectations early
  • Keep track of all deadlines
  • Contact BOTH admissions and financial aid departments at all school for additional application processes and deadline.

Click here for a simplified version of this checklist that you can print out.

Click here for a Senior Year Timeline

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What I love the most about attending Springs Charter Schools is how I know everyone, and I am treated with respect around campus.

- Avalon G., Student
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