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Once students have selected the college/colleges of their choice the next dilemma is how to meet the cost of higher education. The primary source of all state and federal financial aid is generated by filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). All community, vocational and four year colleges and universities require the FAFSA application to be filed before financial aid considerations can be made. The window for application to qualify for California State Aid is January 1 to March 2. California State aid includes all Cal Grants, Work Study Programs and low interest student loans for California students.

For one of the best free publications on how financial aid works download a copy of Funding Your Future  published by the California Student Aid Commission.

Sources of Financial Aid

Grants – A grant is free money that you don’t have to pay back! You must fill out the FAFSA before the March 2 deadline, to qualify for grants. Two of the most common grants are the Cal Grant and Pell Grant. Click here for 10 things students should know about the Cal Grant.

For information regarding the Cal Grant GPA verification and to download the form, go to After you have completed the top section of this form, fax or mail it to the guidance department in time to make the March 2nd deadline. Send fax to 951-676-9105 or mail form Attn. Guidance, 43466 Business Park Dr., Temecula 92590. Once the guidance staff completes the GPA calculation the information will be uploaded to the Cal grant website. If you have additional questions you can call 951-252-8833.

Work-Study Programs –Through work-study or other student employment programs you can earn money to pay for college. Whether you are offered federal work study, or work study through your colleges specific work study programs, you will receive help lining up a job, you will be paid at least the federal minimum wage, and will not have to report your earnings on the FAFSA. Your work-study award will depend on how early you apply, the level of your financial need, and the amount of funds available federally and at your college.

Student Loans–This money, unlike the Cal grant, must be paid back. However, student loans have lower interest than most loans, and payments are not required while you continue to be a full time student. Subsidized loans, like the Federal Stafford Loan are the best loan option because the government pays the interest on your loan while you are in school, so the money you borrowed will not start accruing interest until six months after you are no longer a full time student.

Local and National Scholarships – we have a whole section of our website dedicated to scholarships. Click Here [see Scholarships page] to go to Scholarships.

Scholarships through specific Colleges – Check early during the application process with the Financial Aid adviser at the colleges you are applying to. Most have additional financial aid applications and deadlines. Many colleges and universities also require potential students to file the College Scholarship Service (CSS) PROFILE financial aid application.

Sports Scholarships – High school students that desire to participate in inter-collegiate sports while attending community and four year college must register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) prior to their senior year of high school. The NCAA monitors educational and athletic fairness, as well as athletic scholarships for participating collegians, colleges and universities.

Links to Important websites:

California Student Aid Commission – This site is designed to assist you search for state, federal, and institutional financial aid information for funding post-high school education.

Cal Grant – This site will has all the information about what the Cal Grant is and who is eligible for it

FAFSA  – Information about deadlines, how to get your pin number, and how to apply for the FAFSA

NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association


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