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Strategies for Student Success

Our philosophy is that ALL students can learn! Here you will find helpful strategies you can teach your child to empower his/her success. These strategies are intended for any student within Springs Charter Schools and can be personalized to meet the needs of your child within the Homeschool or academy setting.

If you have a concern about your child’s academic progress please talk to your TOR or ES about RtI (Response to Intervention). At Springs Charter Schools the RtI process is integrated within the school’s philosophy of personalized learning for all students. The essential elements of the RtI approach are to insure that all students receive the best curriculum & instruction available. Staff meet regularly to discuss appropriate curriculum and instructional strategies available and to work collaboratively to determine new ways to help shape individual student instruction.

Parents play an important part in the RtI process. Springs’ philosophy that parents are the primary educators for their children implies that the parent’s influence in their child’s education is a major factor of their students’ academic success. RtI is the process that evaluates how well the student responded to a change in curriculum and/or instruction. When a change in curriculum and/or instruction occurs, it is expected that a positive response is evidenced through improved student learning.


Springs has positively impacted my family “life style””” by involving our entire household in learning together

- Elizabeth F., Parent
and as parents becoming """intentionally""" involved with our children."
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