Canvas for Homeschool Parents

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Canvas for Homeschool Parents

Homeschool parents are issued Canvas logins using their unique parent ID number found in Oasis. If you do not know your Canvas username or your parent ID# please contact your ES.

Canvas login format for parents:

  • Username: P + parent ID# (p100100)
  • Password: rscsgogo

Please click here to continue to Canvas.

Please note:

A parent should only be enrolling in 3 Canvas courses:

  • Homeschool Preparation Course – Click here for this course and enroll yourself today!
  • CSI – Click here for this course and enroll yourself today!
  • Parent Certification Program – Click here to register for the program if you haven’t done so already

Canvas for Homeschool Parents


Springs Charter Schools provides a great place to learn in a safe environment with the freedom for each child to express themself, and an inviting staff. Teachers that not only teach but also listen to the students.

- Guy & Aretha R., Parents
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