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"I CAN!" Checklists for Each Grade Level (Math and Language Arts)

K-8 “I CAN!” Program

K-8 “I Cans!” are foundational Math and Language Arts skills written in student friendly language. We at Springs Charter Schools believe that students benefit when they take ownership of their learning. The “I Can!” program encourages students to set educational goals and create plans to achieve those goals. These skills and goals are supported by the Homeschool ES or Academy Teacher. Each student will have their own I Can folder that the teacher or ES will use to help set goals with the parent and student.

Moodle courses have been created to provide information, practice, and assessments for each skill. Please contact your ES or Academy teacher to access these courses.

Springs is excited to offer the “I CAN” Incentive Program for K-8 students to reward them as they meet their goals. Homeschool students earn prizes as they master their key skills! Academy programs may have their own processes to support and reward students as they meet goals.

Student Progress Trackers to help them monitor their progress


High School “I CANs!”

High School “I Cans!” are the primary skills that are taught in each High School Core course.  These are monitored by the Academy Teacher or ES to ensure that students master the key concepts necessary for each course.  Please contact your ES or Academy Teacher to review the “I Cans!” and any associated support materials for the specific courses your student is enrolled in.


We have had a great deal of freedom in choosing how to reach the State standards.

- J.McCollom, Parent
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