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Our Career Technical Education

Once a student begins to develop an area of interest, staff may want to begin helping them to think creatively about whether this interest has potential for a future career. Students may explore their interests by taking any of the following course options:


Springs Charter offers CTE Pathway Programs. These programs are offered at academy sites and online and are designed to prepare students for either immediate employment in an industry following high school graduation or for continued education at a college or university. Click here for CTE course descriptions. Students can contact their ES/Teacher or counselor to find out about local course availability and how to sign up.


Career Technology Education courses provide entry-level job skills and experience in a large variety of career fields. High school students may want to begin their vocational training and experience while still in high school. Students who complete their CTE Pathway with a 3.0 GPA or higher and complete an internship in that Pathway will receive a CTE Honor Cord at graduation. CTE Pathways can be found on the Springs website under the Programs tab.

*Please note: Any CTE program that is offered outside of Springs must be pre-approved by the student’s counselor. Program descriptions and proof of enrollment must be submitted to the counselor prior to beginning CTE courses, and a meeting will be held to determine course credit. Upon completion of the course or sequence, students must provide SCS with a certificate of completion.

Work Experience

Work Experience Education is the combining of on-the-job training with related academic instruction designed to maximize the on-the-job experience. The emphasis is a career-based learning opportunity for the student through part-time paid employment. WEE is part of a total educational process that helps students to choose a career path wisely, prepares them for full-time employment that is suitable for their abilities and interests, and allows students the opportunity to learn to work collaboratively in a successful way. Students will develop professional skills, habits, and attitudes conducive to job success and personal growth. The employment will serve the function of a practical laboratory activity for reinforcing academic instruction. By linking the academic core curriculum with an on-the-job work experience this course will promote the students’ school-to-career transition.


The Mechanical Engineering class helps to prepare me for the 21st century.

- Tyler J., Student
High School
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