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Middle School Guidance

Springs Charter Schools are parent choice schools where the community is the classroom. Our mission is to foster the innate curiosity of our students, empower their parents, and promote optimum learning by collaboratively developing a personalized learning program for each student. The Guidance Department is committed to fostering a healthy environment where students can thrive both emotionally and academically.

If students would like to meet with a counselor for specific academic advisement or for personal reasons, they may call the Guidance Department at 951-252-8833 to set up an appointment.

Guidance Department Services:

  • Academic advising
  • Scholarship Information
  • Student retention & promotion
  • Concurrent Enrollment help
  • Entertainment Permits
  • Personal/Social/Emotional support
  • Vocational opportunities/programs



Springs keep parents in the loop. With teachers’ support, parents have the necessary tools to reach their children at home while constantly being in touch if help is needed.

- K. LaFon, Parent
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