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At Springs Charter Schools, the mission of the Science Department is to inspire and promote intellectual curiosity, scientific exploration, and real world application through interactive, hands-on labs, classes, and fieldwork. Using the community as our classroom, students are encouraged to reach their highest potential while exploring the themes of science as they relate to his or her world.

The science department staff offers a wealth of support and opportunities for students to engage with science including field trips, the annual science fair, monthly Mobile Science Labs, parent workshops, Robotics and a-g seminars.

English Language Arts and technology are embedded into our Science programs to create a truly integrated approach to learning, as well as to help students build 21st century skills.

Springs high school students have several options for completing science requirements including taking site-based courses at our regional academies and learning centers, using our online independent study curriculum guides, attending community college courses or completing parent developed science courses.

To find out more about how we can support your student’s science exploration and success please contact our department specialist Kathryn Evans at



What I love the most about attending Springs Charter Schools is that everybody is nice and friendly.

- Tyler J., Student
High School
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