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At Springs Charter Schools, we believe that mathematics should be a pleasure, not a chore. Math is not a subject where there is only one way to learn or one way to get to the correct answers! Parents may choose any number of ways to support their students

A high-quality mathematics program is essential for all students and provides every student with the opportunity to choose among the full range of future career paths. We know that all students are capable of learning rigorous mathematics and learning it well. We believe that every student can succeed in math! To this end we support and challenge our students, establishing rigor with high expectations. In keeping with the “community as classroom” concept of Springs schools, we strive to apply math to the world, especially as it applies to careers and higher education. We collaborate with parents to personalize the learning to match each child’s pace and needs.

Springs high school students have several options for completing math requirements including taking site-based courses at our regional academies and learning centers, using our online independent study curriculum guides, attending community college courses or completing parent developed mathematics courses.

The goal in mathematics education is for students to:

  • Develop fluency in basic computational skills.
  • Develop an understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Become mathematical problem solvers who can recognize and solve routine problems readily and can find ways to reach a solution or goal where no routine path is apparent.
  • Communicate precisely about quantities, logical relationships, and unknown values through the use of signs, symbols, models, graphs, and mathematical terms.
  • Reason mathematically by gathering data, analyzing evidence, and building arguments to support or refute hypotheses.
  • Make connections among mathematical ideas and between mathematics and other disciplines.

We will help you decide on an appropriate math curriculum for your student based on his or her learning styles, diagnostic assessment results and the method of teaching you prefer to use.

For more information about how we can help support your student’s math curriculum please contact our high school Math Specialist, Stephanie Fyfe at



I participate in Drama, Internship and Leadership while also working on short student films.

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